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IndexJournalDateIssue numberPagesTitlePublication Review TitlePublication Review First Author (or Editor)Outcrop/SnippetsAuthor 1Affiliation 1Author 2Affiliation 2Author 3Affiliation 3Author 4Affiliation 4Author 5Affiliation 5Author 6Affiliation 6Author 7Affiliation 7Country 1Country 2Site 1Site 2Site 3Site 4Site 5Site 6Site 7Site 8Site 9Site 10Site 11Site 12Site 13Site 14Site 15Site 16Site 17Site 18Site 19Site 20Site 21Site 22Site 23Site 24Site 25Site 26Site 27Site 28Site 29Site 30Site 31Site 32Site 33Site 34Site 35Site 36Site 37Site 38Site 39Site 40Site 41Site 42Site 43Code 1Code 2Code 3Code 4Code 5Code 6Code 7Code 8Code 9
1Earth Heritage ExtraMay 2015 (+EH44)11-2Village celebrates 'the map that changed the world'NoJanie HextallChurchill Heritage CentreEnglandChurchill and Sarsden Heritage CentreGnGrGHhOhOm
1Earth Heritage ExtraMay 2015 (+EH44)12Rare Smith map on show for first timeNoEnglandDudley Museum and Art GalleryOvHhOhOaOm
2Information CircularJanuary 196811-2New and Improved Facilities for Geological EducationNoEnglandWren's Nest NNROkus Quarry SSSITown Gardens Quarries SSSIBugle Quarry SSSIWilliam Pengelly Cave Studies Association Demonstration Centre BuckfastleighOeOhDsDnFpLc
2Information CircularJanuary 196812Access for Educational PartiesNoEnglandSkellow Clough SSSIKilmersdon Road Quarry SSSIDs
2Information CircularJanuary 196812-3Projected New Exposures of Research InterestNoEnglandMundesley Cliffs SSSIM4 WiltshireUllswaterWindermereOrDsPtPx
2Information CircularJanuary 196813Coastal Development SchemesNoEnglandPegwell BayHighcliffe to Milford Ciiffs SSSIPcDs
2Information CircularJanuary 196814Current Surveys of Additional Geological SitesNoEnglandDsPd
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199413Chris Stevens - in memory of a dedicated and much respected colleagueNoAIan McKirdy Scottish Natural Heritage GiDlPcGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199414-6The Malvern International Conference on Geological and Landscape Conservation - a reviewNoBernie JoyceUniversity of MelbourneEnglandWalesCraig Cerrig-gleisiad NNRBrecon Beacons National ParkGullet QuarryPen-yGreat OrmeOvFfDsDnDpLlLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199417-8An international earth heritage conservation convention - convenience or confusion?NoJohn KnillJoint Nature Conservation CommitteeEnglandOvDoGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199418-12Natural Areas: English Nature's new approach to conservation based on geologyNoKeith DuffEnglish Nature EnglandVale of the WhitehorseHunstanton CliffsFolkestone CliffsOrford NessSalisbury PlainIngleborough NNRGnPyPLlHhDnDsLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994113-15The Dee meanders - a case of Dee-stabilisation?NoRod Jones Countryside Council for Wales Stewart Campbell Countryside Council for Wales WalesEnglandRiver DeeWorthenbury BrookShropshire Union CanalHorseshoe FallsLlyn Celyn ReservoirChester WeirPyGDsLlLgSbPdGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994116-17Conserving our dynamic and static geomorphological heritageNoAlan Werritty University of St Andrews John McManus University of St Andrews Vanessa Brazier Scottish Natural Heritage John Gordon Scottish Natural Heritage ScotlandGlen FeshieLgDsGnLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994118-21Pen-Y-Bryn - the Ice Age bricks and conservationNoKenneth Addison University of Wolverhampton & St Peter's College Oxford WalesPen-y-brynPxOrGrGPyG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994122-23Scotland's Quaternary heritage - a celebrationNoJohn Gordon Scottish Natural Heritage ScotlandCastle RockCalton HillCorstorphine HillPyGHhLlLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994124-25Site clearance and English Nature - past present and futureNoJonathan LarwoodEnglish Nature EnglandGullet Quarry SSSIHornsleaslow [Snowshill] Quarry SSSIMortimer Forest SSSICalvertHanover Point to St Catherines Point SSSIWrithlington rock store SSSIClock House SSSIWest Runton SSSIKetton Quarries SSSIBeeches Pit SSSIGnFpPyGDsGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994125-26The Assynt carbonatite NoRob Threadgould Scottish Natural Heritage lan Parsons University of Edinburgh Barry Young Baker Hughes Inteq ScotlandLoch Borralan SSSILoch UrigillDsFpOeLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994127Restoration of an old Edinburgh sand pitNoMike Smith Scottish Wildlife Trust ScotlandComiston Sand PitFpGlGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994128-29Recycling your old rock collection - a belated act of earth science conservation NoColin MacFadyen Scottish Natural Heritage SfSmDsFcFsOhOe
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994129Portland Bill: damage to raised beachNoAdrian Brokenshire Heritage Coast Warden EnglandPortland Bill SSSIVpFcFsOt
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994129Arch Rock destroyed NoJohn Radley Museum of Isle of Wight Geology EnglandFresh Water Bay Isle of WightVpOhOaLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994130Merseyside RIGS successYesEnglandDelph Lane QuarryLiverpool CathedralGlLgPlSb
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994130Did the earth move for you too?YesUnited KingdomCaernarvon BayGnLh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994130Derelict land and nature conservationYesUnited KingdomPdFp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994130-31The bicentenary of Scottish palaeontologyYesScotlandHunterian Museum GlasgowSfOpHhOa
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994131The renewal of Bradford - a geological perspectiveYesEnglandLlPdGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1994131Professor R W G CarterYesEnglandPorlock BeachGiGnPc
1Earth Heritage ExtraSept 2015 (+EH45)21New online diploma in Geology of Yorkshire and Northern EnglandNoEnglandUniversity of YorkOe
2Information CircularOctober 196822-3Geological National Nature ReservesNoEnglandWren's Nest NNRSwanscombeEbbor Gorge NNRDnOeFpOrHhGn
2Information CircularOctober 196823Localities of Geological InterestNoEnglandScotlandWeydale QuarryQuarry MoorHolwell QuarryPdPl
2Information CircularOctober 196824General TopicsNoEnglandIngleborough SSSIOpLlDs
2Information CircularOctober 196824-6EducationNoEnglandWalesDale Fort Field Studies CentreWoodberry Road PitOeOrFpDsOh
2Information CircularOctober 196826-9Road SchemesNoUnited KingdomPtDnOrOe
2Information CircularOctober 196829PipelineNoUnited KingdomPxOr
2Earth HeritageJuly 199423-6Geology geomorphology and biodiversityNoJohn Hopkins Joint Nature Conservation Committee United KingdomKeen of HamarThe LizardCronkley FellWiddybank FellOrfordnessPeak DistrictVpSmLlDsSwDo
2Earth HeritageJuly 199427-9Under the Volcano' trailNoJurate Lukosius-Sanders Ministry of Northern Development and Mines Ontario CanadaCanadaLake SuperiorOtOhLhOaGnGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994210-12The Newfoundland connection - a cautionary tale in site denotificationNoJohn McCurry Scottish Natural Heritage ScotlandCanadaPortayew BayCorsewall PointNewfoundlandDsOrPrGPyPSbOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994213-14Local authority planners - what can they do to conserve our geological features and landforms?NoRichard Wright English Nature EnglandLulworth CoveBridport SandsPyPGlGnDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994215Tracking a carnivorous dinosaur on the Isle of WightNoJon RadleyMuseum of lsle of Wight GeologyEnglandCowleaze ChineAtherfield PointHanover Point to St Catherines Point SSSISfDsOhOr
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994216-17Buckinghamshire rediscoveredNoLesley DaviesBuckinghamshire County CouncilEnglandCoombs QuarryFpDlSwOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994218-22Sand and gravel landscapes in Northern Ireland - a scientific basis for conservation?NoMarshall McCabeUniversity of UlsterNorthern IrelandDonegal BayLough DergLower Lough ErneArmoy moraineBallykelly moraineLough Neagh drumlin fieldSperrin MountainsPomeroy ValleyBallinderry ValleyMoyola ValleyRiver FaughanPort BallintraeCarey Valley DeltaMurnee Hills deltaLgDlDoLl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994223-25Scotland's earliest geologists? Prehistoric flint quarrying at Den of BoddamNoDavid BridglandUniversity of DurhamAlan SavilleNational Museums of ScotlandScotlandWhitestone HillDen of BoddamBuchanHhSmLgSsOr
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994226-27Conservation from the chalkfaceNoDuncan HawleyEarth Science Teachers' AssociationUnited KingdomOePyPGnGlDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994228-29Scottish soils - current threats and the need for a national sustainability strategyNoAndrew TaylorScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandSs
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994229Knowsley InquiryNoBridget DurningJoint Countryside Advisory Service MerseysideEnglandLane QuarryVpDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994229RIGS and Natural AreasNoReg BunnanEnglandVpDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994229Museums first!NoMichael TaylorMuseum and Art Gallery PerthVpOhSmSf
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994230Conservation research at DerbyYesPauline JonesUniversity of DerbyUnited KingdomOrDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994230Water-main replacement benefits conservationYesPaul DickeyAnglian Water Services LimitedEnglandBenniworth Haven Cuttings SSSIPxDsGlGnFp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994230-31Thames launchYesNeil GlasserEnglish Nature EnglandThames BasinPyGOvOpLg
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994231Wrekin good guide!YesKevin PageEnglish Nature EnglandErcall QuarriesThe WrekinOpOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994231Shelter for Rifle ButtsYesDonald BeveridgeHull Geological SocietyEnglandRifle Butts Quarry SSSIFpOvDsGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1994231Development plan for Redbournbury Chalk PitYesDavid CurryHertfordshire RIGS Advisory GroupEnglandRedboumbury Chalk PitDlOeOrPl
1Earth Heritage ExtraOct 2015 (+EH45)31-2Geoconservation's worldwide growthNoColin ProsserNatural EnglandIcelandOvGnDuDwDp
1Earth Heritage ExtraOct 2015 (+EH45)31November date
to explore
tourism potential
NoScotlandBattlebury Conference CentreOtOeGnFp
1Earth Heritage ExtraOct 2015 (+EH45)32-4Taking the wraps off Ripon's restored cathedral geoheritageNoMick StanleyGeodiversity ConsultingEnglandRipon CathedralSbFpOtOmHhDs
2Information CircularMay 196932-3Public InquiriesNoEnglandLimekiln Wood Chalk Pit SSSIFarleton KnottUpper Hall Farm QuarryDsPxPl
2Information CircularMay 196933South-East Joint Planning TeamNoEnglandDsDnDoPcPdPlOe
2Information CircularMay 196934SSSI RevisionNoUnited KingdomDs
2Information CircularMay 196934-6Localities of Geological InterestNoEnglandSidestrand - Trimmingham Cliffs SSSIAbbey Wood SSSIDry Sandford Pit SSSISalthill and Belman Park QuarriesDsPcOrSfFpPl
2Information CircularMay 196936-7EducationNoWalesOeFf
2Information CircularMay 196937-8Road SchemesNoUnited KingdomPtPxOeFc
2Information CircularMay 1969310Gas PipelinesNoUnited KingdomPx
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199533-6Reclaiming the land after surface coal miningNoMartin HaighOxford Brookes UniversityWalesBulgariaPwll DuPemikCwm Afon LwydBig Pit Mining MuseumVartegBlaenantPxSwSsOr
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199537-9Managing caves for nature conservationNoNeil GlasserEnglish Nature Roger KeyEnglish Nature United KingdomKnock Fell CavernsLcSwGnDsPyG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995310-11Geology and archaeology in partnershipNoHenry Owen-JohnEnglish HeritageEnglandDen of BoddamVictoria CaveLow HauxleyHengistbury HeadYorkshire Dales National ParkSomerset LevelsFlag FenGrimes GravesScafellPeak DistrictGnHhSbLcPcDpSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995312-13A tight scrape In the North Staffordshire CoalfieldNoPat CosseyStaffordshire UniversityEnglandMetallic Tileries SSSIDsFpSfPlOhGnGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995314Scotland's first dinosaurNoNeil ClarkHunterian Museum University of Glasgow ScotlandSkyeStaffin MuseumSfOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995315-19Flood for thought on the Great OrmeNoMargaret Wood Countryside Council for Wales Stewart Campbell Countryside Council for Wales WalesGreat OrmePen TrwynLittle OrmeDsDoPyGOtLhPtOr
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995320-21The Dynamic Earth exhibitionNoSandy CrosbieDynamic Earth ProjectScotlandArthur's SeatSalisbury CragsQueen's ParkHhOtOeDsDlGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995322-23A Landscape Fashioned by Geology - Scotland's scenery explained for the publicA Landscape Fashioned by GeologyNoAlan McKirdyScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandArthur's SeatSkyeCairngormsEdinburghLoch Lomond and the TrossachsRumNorth West HighlandsOrkneyShetlandsLlPyPGnOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995324-25Scottish soils conferenceNoAndrew TaylorScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandAuchincruiveOvSsGnOrFfDoSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995326Geological site interpretation on trialNoKevin PageEnglish Nature EnglandCastle Hill ScarboroughHunstantonBurringron CombeOhOeGnGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995327-28First Welsh RIGS forum - Brecon 1994NoStewart Campbell Countryside Council for Wales Margaret Wood Countryside Council for Wales WalesPwll-yPales's QuarryBreakwater QuarryOvGlDlGnFfPyPSs
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995328Geology in the churchyardGeology in the churchyardYesHugh PruddenSomerset Wildlife TrustEnglandSbHhFfOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995328England's National Nature ReservesEngland's National Nature ReservesYesPeter MarrenEnglandDnOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995328-29Coast no place for rubbish tipYesRichard LeafeEnglish Nature EnglandWalney IslandPlPcLgSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995329Geological Conservation Review publicationsYesNeil EllisJoint Nature Conservation CommitteeUnited KingdomPyGOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995329-30Durham first with geological strategyYesDavid NewbeginDurham CouncilEnglandGod's Bridge SSSIGlPyPHhOpDsLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995330Crocodile rescue on the Yorkshire coastYesJonathan LarwoodEnglish Nature EnglandSfOhGnFc
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995330Minerals forum launchedYesTom MoatEnglish Nature EnglandSmGnPx
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995330European Nature Conservation Year is here!YesRachel LockwoodEnglish Nature EuropeLlSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995331Geological and Landscape ConservationGeological and Landscape ConservationD O'HalloranNoOpLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1995331Earth Heritage ConservationEarth Heritage ConservationChris WilsonNoOp
1Earth Heritage ExtraOct 2016 (+EH47)41-3What lies beneath: new SSSI flags up subterranean geoheritageNoSarah Henton De AngelisNatural EnglandEnglandPen Park Hole SSSIDsHhOmSmLcGl
2Information CircularDecember 196943-4Public InquiriesNoEnglandLimekiln Wood Pitt SSSIFarleton KnottFaringdon Pits SSSIGurney's Quarry SSSIDsPlPx
2Information CircularDecember 196944-6Localities of Geological InterestNoEnglandMeldon Aplite Quarry SSSITolcis Quarry SSSIMicklefield QuarrySpratt's Barn Farm Mine SSSISharp's Hill Quarry SSSIOkus QuarryChesil Beach Portland and the Fleet SSSIOePxDsPlFpSfOr
2Information CircularDecember 196946-7Damage to Sites by Educational PartiesNoEnglandScotlandMoorhouse NNRRudh' an Eireannaich SSSIOeFfDnOrFpDsFs
2Information CircularDecember 196948-9EducationNoEnglandWalesWealdOeFfDs
2Information CircularDecember 196949-11European Conservation Year 1970NoPdOvOhSmFc
2Information CircularDecember 1969411-12Road SchemesNoUnited KingdomPtDsOrOp
2Information CircularDecember 1969413Gas PipelinesNoUnited KingdomPx
2Information CircularDecember 1969413-14Trunk Roads and MotorwaysNoUnited KingdomPt
2Earth HeritageJuly 199543-5Palaeolithic archaeology - a geological overlapNoAndrew LawsonWessex ArchaeologyEnglandBoxgroveDunbridgeHhOrGlGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 199546-8Conservation Canadian style - what price legislation?NoNick PearceUniversity of Wales AberystwythCanadaDon Valley BrickyardScarborough BluffsPyPSbLgPd
2Earth HeritageJuly 199549-12Volcanic Park' - a proposed RIGS igneous geology trail in North WalesNoJonathan WilkinsGwynedd RIGS GroupStewart Campbell Countryside Council for Wales WalesSnowdonia National ParkAngleseyLynConwy Mountain (Mynydd y Dref))Allt WenSychnant PassPenmaenbach headlandGreat OrmeConwy BayDlOhLhGlDsDpHh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995413 & 31Popularizing a jewel in the crown of Scottish geologyNoColin MacFadyenScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandRhynie Chert SSSI and NNROeOhOtDsDnSfHh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995414-19Landscape interpretation for the public in the United States - examples of good practiceNoPeter KeeneOxford Brookes UniversityUnited StatesRed Canyon OverlookCoke Ovens OverlookFiery FurnaceSequoia National ParkGiant Forest Hazelwood TrailAnna Ruby FallsArches National ParkGrand Canyon National ParkColdwater Ridge Visitor Center Mount St HelensOhOeOtOrDpDoVp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995420Evaluating interpretation at HunstantonNoTom HoseBuckinghamshire CollegeEnglandHunstanton Cliffs SSSIFcOhDsOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995421-23The Cairngorms - geomorphological sensitivity and management of a fragile and dynamic mountain landscapeNoJohn Gordon Scottish Natural Heritage Vanessa BrazierScottish Natural Heritage Andrew TaylorScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandLoch Lomond Readvance moraineGlen FeshieCairngorm plateauLgLlPyGDwSsSwGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995424-25Rocks landforms and PPG 9 - implications of new planning policy guidance for geological conservationNoGraham Culley English Nature EnglandPyPDsDnDoDlPyG
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995426-27Scotland's first dinosaur - the real one!NoMichael TaylorNational Museums of ScotlandScotlandSkyeSfOhFcOr
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995428-29Strengthening the RIGS movement - the potential for local groups to guide the national direction of RIGS in EnglandNoGreg CarsonThe Wildlife TrustsMike HarleyEnglish Nature United KingdomDlGnGlPyG
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995430Earth Heritage ConservationEarth Heritage ConservationChris WilsonNoGreg CarsonThe Wildlife TrustsOpPyPFpVpLcFcFsOeLg
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995431English Nature's public commitmentYesSarah FendleyEnglish Nature EnglandPyPGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995431Quaternary Research Association to visit lower Thames sitesYesNeil GlasserEnglish Nature EnglandSwanscombe Skull siteGnOvDsFfFp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995431Blue Circle conserves Wealden siteYesJohn PatmoreEnglish Nature EnglandHorton Clay Pit SSSIDsPlFp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1995431Interpretation at one of Edinburgh's volcanoesYesColin MacFadyenScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandPrince's Street GardensCastle RockOhLh
1Earth Heritage ExtraDec 2016 (+EH47)51-7Exploring geological language in the Welsh landscapeNoElinor GwynnNational Trust CymruWalesHhLlLgVp
2Information CircularNovember 197052"Geological Highlights of the West Country"NoEnglandDsOpFcFs
2Information CircularNovember 197052-3European Conservation YearNoEnglandScotlandKnockan CliffPengelly Cave Studies CentreOvOhFcOtLc
2Information CircularNovember 197054Geological National Nature ReservesNoEnglandScotlandGlen Roy NNRWren's Nest NNRSwanscombeDnOhOtFp
2Information CircularNovember 197054-5Reported Misuse of Geological SitesNoEnglandLulworth Fossil ForestChatwall Farm CuttingMartin's Shell QuarryShelve Church New ExposureOpFcFsOe
2Information CircularNovember 197055-6LiaisonNoEnglandWhitefield Cottage QuarryDsFcPd
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199653Action for CavesYesUnited KingdomLcGnOeOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199653Going PublicYesEnglandRocher End BrookBoston ParkStairfoot QuarryDlGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199653Saving our limestone pavementYesUnited KingdomLlOaLgSwGi
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199654New DirectionsYesUnited KingdomPcGnOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199654Turlough BattleYesWalesCarmel Woods SSSICilyrychen QuarryPxDsLgLcSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199654Saved by the LotteryYesEnglandWest RuntonSfGrGFc
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199655Alan's Dream DawnsYesMike Harley English Nature EnglandKettonOhGiFpGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199655Not the 6 o-clock newsYesOaLh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199656A first for SNHYesScotlandRoscobie QuarryDsPyGSfPl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199656RIGS Co-operationYesEnglandHutton Lowcross Bold Venture GillNorth Yorkshire Moors National ParkGuisborough WoodDlGlOeDp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199656Peak PotentialYesEnglandPeak District National ParkDpOeGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199657Diary DatesYesUnited KingdomOv
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199657Science CentreYesEnglandNatural History Museum LondonOhOeGrG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199657Towards a better BritainYesUnited KingdomDlGrG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199657Cornish celebrationYesEnglandOhGnGrG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199658Worthy of defence - RIGS and planningYesJill SmethurstCheshire Wildlife TrustEnglandBollin ValleyGiants Castle RocksManchester AirportDlGlPt
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199658York RockYesEnglandSfGlSmHh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199659Welsh RIGS Groups Plan for FutureYesKenneth AddisonAssociation of Welsh RIGS Groups & Gwynedd RIGS GroupWalesConwy MountainGlOvGnPyPFf
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199659Greenly MemorialYesWalesFfynnon EilianGiDl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996510-11Towards the Millennium - conserving England's earth heritageNoAndy KingEnglish Nature Colin ProsserEnglish Nature Tom MoatEnglish NatureEnglandLulworth 'crumple'GnPyPDsPyG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996512-17Landscape Interpretation - should we do it like Uncle Sam?NoPeter KeeneOxford Brookes UniversityUnited StatesEnglandFort RossSequoia National ParkDeath Valley National ParkMohave Desert National ParkArches National ParkColorado National MonumentHunstantonBryce Canyon National ParkTwin PeaksZion National ParkCapitol Reef National ParkOhOeOtDpVpHhOaPyP
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996518-19Recycling Waste and Secondary MaterialNoAlan McKirdyScottish Natural Heritage United KingdomFive Sisters shale bingsPxPlSbPyP
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996520-21The Value of Digging into SoilsNoBruce LascellesUniversity of WalesDavid JenkinsUniversity of WalesWalesCwm IdwalMynydd BodafonSsSwGnDl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996522-23Exploring the Alternative - Upland river managementNoTrevor HoeyUniversity of GlasgowDavid SmartUniversity of GlasgowGany PenderUniversity of GlasgowNeil MetcalfeUniversity of GlasgowScotlandLlLgSwFp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996524-26Do Peatlands have a Future?NoCaroline SteelThe Wildlife TrustsUnited KingdomThorne MoorHatfield MoorBallynahone BogFlanders MossFenns MossWhixall MossSsSwGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996527Cornish GuideA Geology Guide to North CornwallNoEnglandBodmin MoorOpGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996527AmmonitesDiscovering Geology: Fossil Focus AmmonitesNoLyme RegisWhitleyOpGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1996527Holiday GeologyHoliday Geology Guide: St Ives to Cape CornwallNoLand's EndSt. Ives to St. JustCape ComwallLulworth CoveOpSmOt
2Information CircularJune 197161New AddressNoUnited KingdomGn
2Information CircularJune 197161Wider Responsibilities-PhysiographyNoUnited KingdomGnOr
2Information CircularJune 197162-5Reported Misuse of Geological SitesNoEnglandCastleton SSSIWest Angle Bay SSSIRavenscar Nature TrailWoodditton Chalk PitOakley Railway Junction PittWren's Nest NNRDsOeFcOrFsOpDnPlFp
2Information CircularJune 197165Major Development SchemesNoEnglandFlamborough Head SSSIDsPc
2Information CircularJune 197167Current Road SchemesNoUnited KingdomPt
2Earth HeritageJuly 199663Quarry in StewardshipYesEnglandWestbury QuarryGnDoFpOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 199663New Support Team for RIGSYesUnited KingdomGnDlGlOp
2Earth HeritageJuly 199663Advisors learn of Earth heritage conservationYesEnglandBurrington CombeSwOvFfDsSfFc
2Earth HeritageJuly 199663Hello wwworldYesWalesEnglandDlOp
2Earth HeritageJuly 199664Pavement SearchYesWalesGlLlLGSwOpGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 199664A first in CornwallYesEnglandHarvey's PitSt Erth Sand Pits SSSIDsSfGlHh
2Earth HeritageJuly 199664CompetitionYesEnglandGlOa
2Earth HeritageJuly 199665RIGS Interpretation in the Peak DistrictYesEnglandPeak District National ParkCastletonMam TorUpper Burbage/ Hathersage MoorLongstone EdgeTissington Trail cuttingsDlGlGnDpOeOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 199665Coast ManagementYesEnglandBeachy Head to South ForelandGlGnPcPyP
2Earth HeritageJuly 199665Earth Galleries due to openYesEnglandNatural History Museum LondonOhGrG
2Earth HeritageJuly 199666Railway cutting into historyYesEnglandMoorwood Railway CuttingGlDlFpOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 199666Peat handoverYesBrian JohnsonEnglish Nature EnglandSsVpGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 199666New RIGS GroupYesEnglandDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 199667Diary DatesYesEnglandWalesOv
2Earth HeritageJuly 199667New life for dead lakeYesEnglandBarton BroadFpSw
2Earth HeritageJuly 199668-9Biodiversity's Underlying InfluenceNoGreg CarsonDevon Wildlife TrustUnited KingdomGaitbarrowPrincess PierLong raySwPyPDlGnLg
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996610Trailing your Quarry…Developing RIGS for Public UseNoAlan DawnStamford and District Geological SocietyEnglandKetton QuaryDlDsFpGrGOpGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996611-13Collecting Fossils - A Responsible ApproachNoJonathan LarwoodEnglish Nature Andy KingEnglish Nature EnglandWrithlington Rock StoreComesby MineFcSfDsGnOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996614-15Unravelling Soil Terminology - Facilitating the Inclusion of Soils as RIGSNoJohn ConwayRoyal Agricultural College Cirencester & Glamorgan and Gwent RIGSEnglandWalesNew ForestDorset HeathsDelamere ForestSSDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996616-18Reclamation - Making the Best of Derelict LandNoLaurie RichardsWardell ArmstrongUnited KingdomNational Stone CentreHulme QuarriesEast Kirkton QuarryKilhopePit Mining MuseumAlderley Edge minesErcall QuarriesPdPxPyPGnGlDsOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996618-19Mysteries of the GCR RevealedNoNeil EllisJoint Nature Conservation CommitteeUnited KingdomPyGOp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996619An Introduction to the GCRAn Introduction to the Geological Conservation ReviewNV EllisNoNeil EllisJoint Nature Conservation CommitteeUnited KingdomPyGOp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996619GCR Publications in PressKarst and Caves of Great BritainAC WalthamNoNeil EllisJoint Nature Conservation CommitteeUnited KingdomPyGOpLc
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996619GCR Publications in PressFluvial Geomorphology of Great BritainKJ GregoryNoNeil EllisJoint Nature Conservation CommitteeUnited KingdomPyGOpLg
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996620Focus on Fossil ThunderboltsFossil Focus: ostracodsNoUnited KingdomOpSf
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996620Rocky's AdventuresBuilding from BasicsNoUnited KingdomOpOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996620Hitchin GeologyGeology of the Country Around HitchinNoEnglandOpLgLl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996621On the Right RoadRoads and geological conservationJonathan LarwoodNoM6 MotorwayTebay Road Cuttings SSSIOpPtGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996621Scottish Rocks and FossilsScottish Rocks and FossilsNoScotlandOpOeSfSmLh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996621Grampian Highlands - Regional GuideThe Grampian HighlandsNoScotlandOpOtOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996622Geology in south-west Scotland - An Excursion GuideGeology in south-west Scotland - An Excursion GuideNoScotlandOpOtGiOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996622Soils Sustainability and the Natural HeritageSoils Sustainability and the Natural HeritageNoScotlandOpSsOv
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996622SoilsSoilsNoScotlandOpSsLl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996623Landscape Fashioned by Geology: Orkney and ShetlandOrkney and Shetland: A Landscape Fashioned by GeologyNoScotlandOpOtOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1996623Advances PostersAdvances (Scotland: A little piece of North America & Who's Afraid of a Bit of Rain? & What's Under Your Wellies?)NoScotlandOpOe
2Information CircularMarch 197272Selection of Physiographic Sites of Special Scientific InterestNoWalesDsGnOvOh
2Information CircularMarch 197272-3Systematic Revision of Geological SSSI'sNoUnited KingdomDsOvOhGn
2Information CircularMarch 197273Geological Conservation in Northern IrelandNoNorthern IrelandOpDo
2Information CircularMarch 197273Public Enquiry at Lyme RegisNoEnglandBlack Ven - Church Cliffs SSSIAxmouth - Lyme Regis NNRPlDsDn
2Information CircularMarch 197274Expedition to Ghar Param Iran 1972NoIranGhar ParmOrLcLg
2Information CircularMarch 197274-5SurveysNoUnited KingdomBeinn Eighe NNROgof Ffynnon DduDan Yr OgcfLgDnOmLcGn
2Information CircularMarch 197275-6Developments on SSSI'sNoEnglandWoodham Brickpitt SSSIDsPlLlLcOv
2Information CircularMarch 197276-7Access ArrangementsNoEnglandScotlandDoseley Quarry SSSISharpstone Hill Quarry SSSIDs
2Information CircularMarch 197277-8Reported Misuse of Geological LocalitiesNoEnglandWalesChatwell Farm Cutting SSSISwindle BeckNewborough Warren NNRNorber ErraticsDsOeFsDnOr
2Information CircularMarch 197278-9Motorways and Trunk RoadsNoUnited KingdomPtDn
2Information CircularMarch 197279-11Road SchemesNoUnited KingdomPt
2Information CircularMarch 1972711-12Pipe LinesNoUnited KingdomPx
2Information CircularMarch 1972712Open Cast and Other ExcavationNoEnglandStanley Hill nr Bishop AucklandPethburn ExtensionMilton KeynesPx
2Information CircularMarch 1972713-14Geological Conservation in Northern IrelandNoNorthern IrelandCoalpit BayCultraTievebulliaghSlomish MountainSkerriesRathlin IslandOpDoGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199773Heritage Lottery breakthroughYesEnglandGrGGlDl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199773Follow the money…YesUnited KingdomGrGOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199773Logo for WalesYesWalesGlOa
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199774Orkney Landscape: Read all about itYesScotlandOvLlLgSsHh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199774Hello wwworldYesUnited KingdomGnGlOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199774The Hole in HolisticYesAlderley Edge minesVpHh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199775Caving into EarthquakesYesMalaysiaSarawak ChamberGiLcLhGrG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199775Diary DatesYesUnited KingdomOv
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199776Who owns that RIGS9 - a practical guide to procedureYesNiall EvansScottish Wildlife TrustUnited KingdomGlPyPGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199776Limestone pavement savedYesEnglandOrton ScarGlLlLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199776Pavements still in the Welsh 'eye'YesWalesGlOrSsSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199777A First for RIGSYesWalesMynydd BodafonDlSsGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199777New quarry nature reserveYesEnglandCoombs QuarryGlOhOpSf
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199777Dynamic Earth receives £15 million boostYesScotlandDynamic EarthGrGOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199777Jewels in the geological crownYesUnited KingdomStaffaDlGlGnOaOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199778Planning for EducationYesJohn ConwayAssociation of Welsh RIGS Groups & Glamorgan Gwent RIGS GroupWalesOeOvGlGnOr
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199778Life Landscapes and How the Earth WorksYesScotlandOvOe
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199778A journey through the Ocean CrustYesScotlandUnstOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199779RSPB and RIGS Group protect fossil insects - A Share of the SpoilsNoPaul WhalleyGwynedd and Mon RIGS GroupWalesAngleseyMalltraeth MarshBolsover CollieryGnGlSfHhSwOhDsFc
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997710Tying History to Geology - Registering Historic LandscapesNoRichard S KellyCountryside
Council for Wales
WalesPentre IfanParys MountainHhLlGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997711Tying History to Geology - Buried TreasuresNoAndy J HowardTrent and Peak Archaeological TrustDavid KnightTrent and Peak Archaeological TrustEnglandRiver TrentRiver TameRiver IdleHhLlLgGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997712-14The Menai Strait - A Natural LaboratoryNoLucy KayCountryside
Council for Wales
WalesMenai StraightAngleseySnowdoniaLleiniogBeaumarisPenmonLlPyPLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997715Coastal Zone Management - Shifting ShingleNoAngela HoneyGwynedd and Mon RIGS GroupWalesMenai Strait Marine Nature ReserveLiverpool BayDoPcSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997716-17Natural Areas in Northern Ireland - Conserving 'character'NoJasper KnightUniversity of UlsterNorthern IrelandMourne MountainsSperrin MountainsOmagh BasinLough Neagh BasinMurrinmaguigganMurrins Forest Nature ReserveLlDoLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997718-19Earth Science Heritage - Protection for the Oak Ridge Moraine Ontario CanadaNoJohn Z FrazerOntario Ministry of Natural ResourcesFrederick M JohnsonOntario Ministry of Natural ResourcesCanadaOak Ridges MorraineLake OntarioSwLlLgDoGlPdDo
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997720-21Marshalling Facts and Figures - Upgrading the DatabaseNoCharles CoppEnvironmental Information ManagementUnited KingdomOpPyGGnDl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997722London and Thames Valley - bought up to dateBritish Regional Geology Guide to the London and Thames ValleyNoEnglandOpLlHhLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997722Evolution Mapped OutThe Viking Atlas of EvolutionRoger OsboumeNoOpSwHhLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997722Yorkshire RockYorkshire rock - a journey through timeNoEnglandOpOaLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997722New themed national mapsMetallogenic Map of Britain Ireland and adjacent areas & Industrial Mineral Resources Map of Britain & Metallogenic Map of Britain and IrelandNoUnited KingdomOpOmLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997723A Brace of New Scottish MemoirsGeology of the Airdie District & Geology of the Fortrose and Eastern Inverness DistrictNoScotlandCoatbridgeAirdrieCumbernauldKilsyth HillsInverness FirthInner Moray FirthOpOmLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997723Geological Excursion Guide to the Causeway CoastGeological Excursion Guide to the Causeway CoastNoNorthern IrelandGiant's CausewayOpOtLhDwDo
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1997723Ostracods ahoyFossil Focus - OstracodsNoOpSfOe
2Information CircularMarch 197381The Conservation of Geological Sites in the Republic Of IrelandNoRepublic of IrelandGnDo
2Information CircularMarch 197381-3Geological Conservation in ShropshireNoEnglandWigmore Road exposuresGranhams Moor QuarryTasker QuarryHope Mill Quarry unconformityChatwall Farm CuttingMillichope Stream SectionMeadowtown QuarryFpOeOrFcFsOh
2Information CircularMarch 197383Fossil Conservation and the Open UniversityNoUnited KingdomOeSf
2Information CircularMarch 197383-4Peak Park Structure PlanNoEnglandOmGnLl
2Information CircularMarch 197384-5New ExposuresNoEnglandCreeting Hill SSSIRed Crag Exposure LevingtonAnton Rowant NNRM40 MotorwayDsDnPtOrOh
2Information CircularMarch 197385"Mineral Extraction and the Countryside" ExhibitionNoEnglandGnOh
2Information CircularMarch 197385-6Public InquiriesNoEnglandWalesOgof Dydd ByrafLimekiln Wood Chalk PitLangstone HarbourLee Priory & Little StourLcFcPxSfPc
2Information CircularMarch 197386-7Access ArrangementsNoEnglandSouth Elmsall Quarry SSSIDock Clay Pit SSSILand Grove QuarryWoodham Brick Pit SSSIPincent's Kiln Pit SSSIBowleaze Cove to St Albans Head SSSIDsOrOe
2Information CircularMarch 197388Development of Specific Sites of Special Scientific InterestNoEnglandWilmington QuarryIsle of PortlandDsOeFcPd
2Information CircularMarch 197388-9Reported Misuse of SitesNoEnglandScotlandHollow's Farm SSSIHilton Beck SSSIGristhorpe Bay SSSIVictoria CaveDurnees Limestone of SkyeDsFcFsLc
2Information CircularMarch 1973810Site RevisionsNoUnited KingdomDsOv
2Information CircularMarch 1973810-11County RevisionsNoUnited KingdomKynance CoveRonas Hill SSSISt. Ninians tomboloCulpepper DishBembridgeHorsendon Hill and Hamstead HeathTaffs Well GorgeDsPdPxPcFsDo
2Information CircularMarch 1973812-14Road SchemesNoUnited KingdomPtOr
2Information CircularMarch 1973814Pipelines Proposed and Under ConstructionNoUnited KingdomPx
2Earth HeritageJuly 199783Into the future: 1: Sustainable use of soilYesUnited KingdomSsGnPyP
2Earth HeritageJuly 199783Into the future: 1: RIGSYesUnited KingdomDlPyPGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 199783More fun for RockhoundsYesUnited KingdomOaOeOp
2Earth HeritageJuly 199784How do you pick your RIGS?YesTony RogersGwynedd and Mon RIGS GroupUnited KingdomDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 199784Finding that elusive RIGS informationYesCM BarlowWarwickshire Geological Conservation GroupEnglandVpDlOmGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 199784-5Climbers re-expose ice age sectionYesEnglandBleadonMiddle HopeBrean DownGlOhFp
2Earth HeritageJuly 199785Pounding away at pavement challengeYesWalesLgLlDlOrSwSs
2Earth HeritageJuly 199785Medal AwardYesEnglandGiGlGrG
2Earth HeritageJuly 199786Jurassic potentialYesEnglandMonmouth BeachBlacl Ven LandslipLulworthIsle of PortlandSfOrDsOeOtOhDwGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 199786Aiming for red letter days…YesEnglandDlGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 199787Rocking around Scotland - for freeYesScotlandOvOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 199787Garbage In - Treasure Out…YesPeter ShirleyThe Wildlife TrustsAndy KingEnglish Nature United KingdomPlPyPDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 199787Grist to the MillYesEnglandWillsbridge Mill Geological TrailGlOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 199787Rock DatesYesEnglandOv
2Earth HeritageJuly 199788-9Walking and Steaming Through the PastNoCynthia BurekNEWRIGSDerek FranceNEWRIGSWalesLlangollenDee ValleyCheshire PlainCarrogGlyndyfrdwyOhHhSbPt
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997810-13Rumbustious! Island's Violent Past RevealedNoMichael J CheadleUniversity of LiverpoolMartin CurryScottish Natural Heritage CH EmeleusUniversity of DurhamRobert H HunterUniversity of LiverpoolScotlandRum NNRAskivalHallivalCuillin mountainsDnLhHhOr
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997814-15Geoconservation in Tasmania - Wizards of Oz!NoGrant DixonParks and Wildlife Service TasmaniaIan HouseholdParks and Wildlife Service TasmaniaMike PembertonParks and Wildlife Service TasmaniaChris SharplesAustraliaLune River limestone quarryKing Islandlda Bay quarryExit Cave systemLgLlDwLcSw
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997816James Hutton MD FRSE (1726-1797) - Meteorologist Geologist Phonetician - and Carrot Brandy Expert!NoGY CraigUnited KingdomGiHhOvOpGlGnOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997817Mountain mythology - Devil's Town: truth and legendNoDanica VasilevaFederal Hydrometeorological Institute BelgradeSerbiaMount RadanYellow Spring ValleyLhSmDo
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997818Dinosaurs and extinctionNoPaul WhalleyGwynedd and Mon RIGS GroupSf
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997819-20New fossil discoveries - Safeguarding the Elgin marvelsNoColin MacFadyenScottish Natural Heritage Sue WarbrickScottish Natural Heritage Neil ClarkHunterian Museum GlasgowScotlandElginMoray coastClashach QuarrySfFcGnGlOhOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997821Anthropogenic soils - Man-made answers in OrkneyNolan A SimpsonUniversity of StirlingScotlandOrkneyTofts NessWest MainlandStronsayPapa StourFair IsleSouth NestingSsHh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997822All-action EarthEarthquakes - our trembling planet & Earth's Restless SurfaceSusanna Van Rose & Deirdre Janson-SmithNoOpLhOhOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997822Putting New Life into FossilsFossils - the story of lifeSue RigbyNoUnited KingdomOpSfOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997822DIY walks round Lake District geologyThe Rocks and Landscape of the Keswick AreaAlan SmithNoEnglandDerwentwaterBassenthwaite LakeLodoreGrangeBorrowdaleOpOtOeGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997822Holiday EntertainmentHoliday Geology GuideNoEnglandTrafalgar SquareIsle of WightNottinghamOpOtSbOm
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997823Coded messages: Remember the Geological Code!NoScotlandOpFcFs
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997823Outlining the benefits of geological LNRsWindows in time - Earth heritage and Local Nature ReservesNoEnglandOpDoOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997823Landscape Fashioned by Geology: East Lothian and BordersEast Lothian and Borders: A Landscape Fashioned by GeologyNoScotlandOpLlGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 1997823Cornwall's Geology and SceneryCornwall's Geology and SceneryColin BristowNoEnglandOpLl
2Information CircularMay 197491-2Systematic Revision of Geological SSSI'sNoUnited KingdomOld Red Sandstone SSSI'sDs
2Information CircularMay 197492Identification of Physiographic SSSI'sNoUnited KingdomDsPcPx
2Information CircularMay 197492-3Public InquiriesNoEnglandWalesOgof Dydd ByrafChesil BeachHighcliffe to Milford SSSIWarden PointLcPdPxPc
2Information CircularMay 197494Sites Currently Under ThreatNoEnglandWalesOgof Ffynnon DduDungenessCopt PointLcPxPc
2Information CircularMay 197494-5New Local and Trust Nature ReservesNoEnglandWorm's HeathStender's QuarryDlGl
2Information CircularMay 197495-6Reported Abuse of Geological SitesNoUnited KingdomCat GhyllMoorhouse NNRBirches Farm West MalvernMortimer ForestRdge End QuarryGnFcFsOeOrDn
2Information CircularMay 197496Arrangements for AccessNoEnglandOakley Railway Junction PitDocks Clay PitWoodham Brick PitDlDo
2Information CircularMay 197496Road Schemes and PipelinesNoUnited KingdomPtPx
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199893New secret of lifeYesScotlandIslaySfOr
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199894Rural grants sourceYesUnited KingdomGrGDlGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199894Temporary measures yield rich pickingsYesJon RadleyAvon RIGS GroupEnglandAust CliffSfFcOeOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199894-5Scottish stone issues exploredYesScotlandOvSbGnHhOhPdPyPDsSm
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199895RIGS group provides teachers with hands-on experienceYesWalesAber ValleyGlOeFfLgSsHh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199895A mammoth find in river bedYesEnglandHawkedonSfFc
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199896Value of bird's eye viewYesJohn BallWarwickshire Geological Conservation GroupEnglandMancetterWaverley Wood PitDoOeGlDlOaPl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199896Putting the extraction industry on the mapYesUnited KingdomPxOpPyP
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199896Restored pit wins awardYesEnglandWensum ValleyFpPxGrG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199897SSSI damage - Preservation is not ConservationYesEnglandLee-on-the-SolentDsPcSf
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199897Make yours the main event...YesUnited KingdomOvOpOe
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199897Torchlit geology comes to town…YesWalesLlangollenCarrogDee BridgeVale of ClwydOvDlGnFfOe
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199898Sustainable mineral use- Between a rock and a hard placeNoPeter ShirleyThe Wildlife TrustsUnited KingdomPyPSmPxPtDlDs
2Earth HeritageJanuary 199899SSSI notifications - Tor-ist attractionNoNatalie PerkinsEnglish Nature Andy KingEnglish Nature EnglandMerrivale SSSIDartmoorBodmin MoorCox TorRoos TorGreat Staple TorMiddle Staple TorLittle Staple TorDsLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998910August 1831 - On Darwin's trailNoMichael RobertsVicar of ChirkWalesNesscliffeLlangollenCastle Dinas BranValle CrucisNant y GarthPenstryt QuanyConwyAber FallsBera MawrBethesda slate quarriesCwm IdwalDevil's KitchenPlas y BreninMoel SiabodDolwyddelanFfestiniogRhinogsHhDlOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998911-13The Italian JobNoGiuseppe GisottiSIGEA (Societa Italiana di Geologia Ambientale / Italian Society for Environmental Geology)Maurizio BurlandoSIGEA (Italian Society for Environmental Geology)ItalyVesuvio National ParkYellowstone National ParkYosemite National ParkSequoia National ParkGeneral Grant National ParkPialla Crixia Regional Nature ParkFalles-Selllles-Braies Nature ParkDpPyPDoGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998914-16Integrated Interests - Earth heritage protectionNoCath BeaverEnvironment AgencyJim WalkerEnvironment AgencyUnited KingdomBollin temporary diversion channelGnLgPyP
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998915&17SEPANoScot MathiesonScottish Environment Protection AgencyScotlandGnLgPyPDs
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998917Pingo! Relict ice mounds…NoTony RogersGwynedd and Mon RIGS GroupWaleseastern LynPant Glas gapSnowdoniaLg
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998918-19Palaeontology for the People! A South African RIGS ExperienceNoChrissie Nienaber-RobertsUniversity of NatalTom MasonUniversity of NatalSouth AfricaEstcourtMcFie's farmDlOeOaOhSfDl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998920-21The Lowdown on Soils - Defining what soil isNoRon AllenThe Environmental Consulting GroupSsSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998922Enjoying the ammonite experienceFossil Ammonites from the Somerset CoastAndrew KingNoEnglandOpSf
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998922Cornish delightGeological Trail - Pendower and CarneNoRob ThreadgouldEnglandOpOhOtDsDl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998922-23Interacting with AustraliaTales from the Kangaroo's CryptNoStuart McKirdyAuchterader High SchoolAustraliaOpSw
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998923A north-south divide revealedHoliday Geology GuideNoRob ThreadgouldUnited KingdomSt PaulsWestminsterLake DistrictOpOhGnLlSb
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998923Soil to suit schoolsSoil - The Vital Natural Resource And Life Support SystemNoGeeta PuriOpSsOe
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1998923A guide to RIGS groupsThe Directory of Clubs and SocietiesNoOpGl
2Information CircularFebruary 1976101-3Field Facilities in GeologyNoUnited KingdomOeDsOvOh
2Information CircularFebruary 1976103New National Nature ReserveNoWalesOgof Ffynnon Ddu NNRDnLc
2Information CircularFebruary 1976103-4Systematic Revision of Geological SSSI'sNoScotlandDsOrOhFcFs
2Information CircularFebruary 1976104-5Identification of Physiographic SSSI'sNoUnited KingdomDsLg
2Information CircularFebruary 1976105-6Educational FacilitiesNoEnglandScotlandFyfield Down NNRWren's Nest NNRKnockan CliffSalthill QuarryLulworth CoveDnOeOpOhLg
2Information CircularFebruary 1976106Oil-Related DevelopmentsNoScotlandSullom VoeSt. Ninian's tomboloThe ClettsRonas HillBurrafirthEriboll-Laxford BridgePxPc
2Information CircularFebruary 1976107-9Public InquiriesNoEnglandScotlandWolston Gravel PitRedbournburyBartonWarden PointCarstairs KamesKildrummie KamesAchnasheenCopt PointPxPlDsPcPd
2Information CircularFebruary 1976109-10Reported Misuse of SitesNoEnglandScotlandHutton Roof CragHigh Skelghyll FarmFindonCalton HillEaton Church Lane CuttingLulworth Fossil ForestSeale Chalk PitCross Fell - Appleby FellCracoe Reef KnollsFcFs
2Information CircularFebruary 19761010-11Access ArrangementsNoEnglandWalesShap AqueductDocks Clay PitHarefield Chalk PitCamel Head GwyneddPeacehaven and Telscombe CliffsPxPlPc
2Information CircularFebruary 19761011-12Site NewsNoEnglandFoss Cross QuarryStratton Road QuarryWest RuntonPlPdPcFp
2Earth HeritageJune 1998103New postersYesEnglandDl
2Earth HeritageJune 1998103Big holes and tiny fossilsYesSf
2Earth HeritageJune 1998104-5Tourism and geological landscapesYesNorthern IrelandLlOtSbDwFfOv
2Earth HeritageJune 1998104Bajocian face saver…YesNicol MortonBirkbeck CollegeScotlandBearreraig SSSISkyeDsFp
2Earth HeritageJune 1998105Knock-knock-Knockanon the Heritage door…YesScotlandKnockan CragGrGDsOh
2Earth HeritageJune 1998105Integrated InterestsYesJim WalkerEnvironment AgencyEnglandScotlandManchester AirportVpGn
2Earth HeritageJune 1998106Earth heritage facts: Who wants what?YesTony WeighellJoint Nature Conservation CommitteeUnited KingdomGnOpPyG
2Earth HeritageJune 1998106Welsh RIGS forumYesWalesGlOv
2Earth HeritageJune 1998106minerals '98 - making more of lifeYesUnited KingdomSmPxGnOv
2Earth HeritageJune 1998107Striking a balanceNoRichard CabornMinister for the Regions Regeneration and PlanningUnited KingdomPxSbDsDpDoPyP
2Earth HeritageJune 1998108-10Untold mineral wealth - MINESCAN - a review of mineralogy of the mine sites of WalesNoRichard BevinsNational Museums and Galleries of WalesJohn MasonNational Museums and Galleries of WalesMargaret WoodCountryside Council for WalesBob MathewsCountryside Council for WalesWalesGreat OrmeNantyreiraCwmystwythCardiganshireDolgellauBraichyroen MineSnowdoniaHalkynHolywellMineraSmHhOrOhDlPyGFsGn
2Earth HeritageJune 19981011Thinking European - ProGEONoKatarina KrivicCarl Erik JohanssonCurt FredinRune FrisinLars KarisAfat SerjaniNevila JorjaEuropeGnOvSfOpOr
2Earth HeritageJune 19981012-13Eastern Promise! Earth heritage conservation in TaiwanNoShin WangNational Taiwan UniversityKuang Chung LeeConservation Resources Division Forestry Department Council of Agriculture TaiwanAndy KingEnglish NatureTaiwanMount HaoyanJishanHsiaobaishaTingkouKenting National ParkYushan National ParkYangmingshan National ParkTaroko National ParkHsuehpa National ParkKinmen National ParkHoping IslandTahua potholesFuli mud volcanoMount Sanyi HuoyanKuanyin CoastChiahsien Siteh fossil sitePyPDoDp
2Earth HeritageJune 19981014City completes audit jigsawNoStephen PatersonEnglandDlGrGGlOhSf
2Earth HeritageJune 19981015Strategic ThinkingNoKevin PageEnglish Nature EnglandDsPyGOeOhOtGl
2Earth HeritageJune 19981016-18Canadian club - forging mining/education partnershipsNoMaureen LipkewichMining Association of BC Education DivisionChrissie Nienaber-RobertsMining Association of BC Education DivisionCanadaHighfield Valley Copper MineLogan LakeOeGlGnOhSm
2Earth HeritageJune 19981019Pavement pleasuresNoCynthia V BurekUniversity College ChesterJoanna DeaconUniversity College ChesterWalesYstradfellteGreat OrmeEyanhLlLgDl
2Earth HeritageJune 19981020-22Romancing the stone - Local distinctiveness at our feetNoSue CliffordCommon GroundAngela KingCommon GroundEnglandCharmouth beachRiver TeignOa
2Earth HeritageJune 19981022Insights into a master's mindJames Hutton - The Founder of Modern GeologyDonald B MclntyreNoScotlandOpHh
2Earth HeritageJune 19981022French ReservesReserves NaturallesNoFranceOpDo
2Earth HeritageJune 19981023Memoirs: Paying the true priceGeology of the Country around Trelrose Head and CamelfordEB SelwoodNoKevin PageEnglandOpOmLl
2Earth HeritageJune 19981023Soil: the essential resourceSoil: the essential resourceNoOpSs
2Earth HeritageJune 19981023A Landscape Fashioned by Geology: Arran and the Clyde IslandsArran and the Clyde Islands: A Landscape Fashioned by GeologyNoScotlandArranClyde IslandsOpLl
2Earth HeritageJune 19981023Protecting our coast?Coastal Defence and Earth ScienceNoOpPcOr
2Information CircularSeptember 1976111Revised Distribution Arrangements for the Distribution of the Information CircularNoUnited KingdomOpOeOh
2Information CircularSeptember 1976111-3Field Facilities in GeologyNoEnglandScotlandMortimer ForestBlaize Bailey ViewpointGlen Roy NNREbbor Gorge NNRFpDnOh
2Information CircularSeptember 1976113New National Nature Reserves In CumbriaNoEnglandAsby ScarDn
2Information CircularSeptember 1976114Regional Reports on Localities of Geological and Geomorphological ImportanceNoScotlandDsLgPcDn
2Information CircularSeptember 1976115-6Geological Sites Revision ProgrammeNoUnited KingdomDs
2Information CircularSeptember 1976116Public InquiryNoEnglandDursley SSSIDsPl
2Information CircularSeptember 1976116-9Co-operation in ConservationNoUnited KingdomSouthport SanctuaryIpsley Alders SSSINew Forest SSSIWoodwalton Fen NNRWest Runton SSSIWalton-on-the-Naze SSSIDsDlGlOeFsPcDn
2Information CircularSeptember 1976119-12Site NewsNoEnglandBamhill Quarry SSSIDuckmanton Railway CuttingCalton Hill QuarryLangbaurgh QuarryBrowns Hill Quarry & Railway CuttingCharlton Sand PitTolcis QuarryStairfoot BrickworksUpper Hale Gravel PitRudge End Quarry SSSIParkhouse HillDsFsPl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999113-4Deciding the future of fossilsYesAnna TyersEnglish Nature WalesOvSfFcPyP
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999113New code signals way aheadYesEnglandJurassic CoastLyme RegisFcPc
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999114-5Conservation and crinoids in ClitheroeYesAlistair BowdenMuseum of Lancashire and Lancashire RIGS GroupEnglandCoplow Quarry SSSISalthill Quarry SSSISfGlOhDs
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999115New life for old quarryYesStuart McKerrowOxford UniversityEnglandKirtlington QuarryDsGlFpOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999115RIGS HandbookYesUnited KingdomDlOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999115World Heritage SitesYesUnited KingdomDevon and Dorset coastCairngormsDwGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999116-7Realising RIGS movement's potentialYesTony RogersWelsh RIGS GroupsEnglandDlGlOvPyGGnHhPlGrG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999116-7Minerals and mines go under Welsh microscopeYesVicky MasonThe Wildlife TrustsWalesParys MountainPxSmSwHhOv
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999117Huddersfield are first LASMO heroesRocks and landscapes of Huddersfield - a Guide to the Geology of the Huddersfield DistrictYesEnglandGlOpGrG
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999118Finding what RGS groups are made ofYesPauline CouperHerefordshire and Worcestershire RIGS GroupUnited KingdomDlOvOe
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999118Changing facesYesUnited KingdomGiGnGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 1999119-11RIGS from outer spaceNoDafydd FearGwynedd Astronomical SocietyWalesBeddgelertDlSmGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991110-12Selling geology to the publicNoTom HoseBuckinghamshire Chilterns University CollegeUnited KingdomBrown End Quarry SSSICrystal PalaceCoombs QuarryFarndonOhOeDsOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991113Cliffs cast in museum roleNoHeather SloanAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryUnited StatesScotlandGrand CanyonAlpsNaplesSan Andreas FaultKilauea volcanoSiccar PointOhSmOaHh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991114-15Spanish steps toward geoconservationNoLuis AlcalaMuseo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CS/C) MadridSpainLas Canadas del Teide National ParkCaldera de Taburiente National ParkTimanfaya National ParkCiudad EncantadaAtapuercaLa RiojaPyPDoDpOtHhLhSf
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991116minerals '98 - making more of lifeNoVicky MasonThe Wildlife TrustsUnited KingdomPinden QuarryBesthorpe QuarryPxOeSmOvGnSfGl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991117-18minerals '98 - Trackways in the sands of timeNoCarol HopkinsOpen University ScotlandClashach QuarryElginPxOeSmSfOh
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991118minerals '98 - Surprise long held in chip off the old blockNoCarol HopkinsScotlandElginPxOeSmHhSf
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991119minerals '98 - Industry backs its words with deedsNoNatalie BennettEnglish Nature United KingdomYorkshire Dales National ParkThe Peak District National ParkRibblehead limestone quarryPxOeSmDsGnDpPyP
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991120minerals '98 - Aggregate supply: Is it time to get radical?NoAlan McKirdyScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandPxOeSmPyP
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991121Forum for major players - GeoConservation CommissionNoPhilip DoughtyGeoConservation CommissionUnited KingdomGnDsOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991122-25Natural Areas - an opportunity for landform conservation or …NoMurray GrayQueen Mary College University of LondonUnited KingdomNeedham and Brockdish bypassRivenhall AirfieldForest of ArdenDunston Hall golf coursePdDsVpLlPtSwLgPxPl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991123Natural Areas - opportunity taken for a holistic approach?NoAndy KingEnglish Nature United KingdomDartmoorVpDoGn
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991125Geological detective work helps cricketNoDavid EvansEnglish Nature EnglandPurbeck HillsRiver FromeSwOr
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991126Stepping out on the CausewayThe Causeway Coast. Exploring the landscape and rocksNoRob ThreadgouldScottish Natural Heritage Northern IrelandGiant's CausewayOpOeOt
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991126Distilled wisdomWhisky on the Rocks - origins of the 'water of life'Stephen CribbNoRob ThreadgouldScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandOp
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991126Must for visitorsA Geological Guide to South East CornwallNoRob ThreadgouldScottish Natural Heritage EnglandOpOeOt
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991126Scottish history written in stoneSCOTLAND - the creation of its natural landscapeAlan McKirdyNoMagnus MagnussonScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandOpLl
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991126-27Geo-wizz! Posters bring subject to lifeGEOSCAPE Vancouver & GEOMAP VancouverNoRob ThreadgouldScottish Natural Heritage CanadaOpOe
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991127Calendar offers unique views of Scottish wondersEarth's Patterns 1999NoRob ThreadgouldScottish Natural Heritage ScotlandOpLlOa
2Earth HeritageJanuary 19991127Best in the WestQuaternary of South-West EnglandS CampbellNoPeter BanhamRoyal Holloway University o f LondonEnglandOpPyGLl
2Information CircularMarch 1977122-6The Conservation of Important Localities of Earth Science Interest in The NetherlandsNoGP GonggrijpRijksinstituut voor NatuurbeheerNetherlandsHhGnOrDo
2Information CircularMarch 1977127-8Field Facilities in the Earth SciencesNoEnglandWren's Nest NNRMortimer Forest Clearance ProjectWarren Farm SSSIChilmark Quarries SSSIDsFpDnOeOp
2Information CircularMarch 1977129-10Reports on Localities of Geological and Geomorphological ImportanceNoScotlandEnglandLgPxPc
2Information CircularMarch 19771210-11Revision of Geological SSSI'sNoUnited KingdomDs
2Information CircularMarch 19771211-12Public EnquiriesNoScotlandEnglandAchnasheen Kame Terraces SSSIDursley SSSIPincent's Kiln SSSIHinton Charterhouse SSSIBamhill Quarry SSSIDsPxPlPd
2Information CircularMarch 19771212-14Co-Operation In ConservationNoUnited KingdomKnockmill PitVale of Belvoir CoalfieldHartIebury Common SSSICastlemorton SSSIAqualate Mere SSSICaithnessBraunton Burrows NNRBarnhill Quarry SSSIDsDlPdGlOePlDnPx
2Information CircularMarch 19771215-17Site NewsNoUnited KingdomBaker's HoleMocktree QuarryComley QuarrySt. Abbs HeadCracoe Reef KnollsRudge End QuarryPortland SSSICalton Hill QuarryEkofisk Pipeline LandfallUpper Millichope Stream Section PSSSIDsFpFcFsOeLgDpPx
2Information CircularMarch 19771217-18Grant NewsNoEnglandHigher Kiln QuarryGrGLcOhGnSf
2Information CircularMarch 19771218-19Arran: Advice to Visiting GeologistsNoIan HunterUniversity of CambridgeScotlandFcFsOeOr
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999123New RIGS handbook to be launchedYesUnited KingdomOpDlGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999123Queen opens £34m Dynamic Earth centreYesScotlandDynamic Earth centreOhOvGrG
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999123Geology Week looking busyYesScotlandOvOeOhLhSf
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999124Llandovery open for inspectionYesJohn DaviesCountryside
Council for Wales
WalesLlandoveryScrach trackTrefawr trackCoed Glyn MachCwm Coed AeronCilgwynOrFp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999124Northern RIGS successYesVicky MasonRoyal Society for Nature ConservationEnglandGlOv
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999125The Malvern Hills: A story now toldYesColin ProsserEnglish Nature EnglandBritish CampOhGiOvGlGn
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999125Scottish RIGS officerYesScotlandGiGl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999125Sales' courseYesScotlandOvOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999125Lakes' collecting problems mountYesEnglandCaldbeck CommonsLake District National ParkDpFsSm
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999125Mammoth exhibitionYesEnglandTelford Shopping CentreOhFcOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999126Seaside panelsYesEnglandCharmouth Heritage Coast CentreJurassic CoastOhFcGnPc
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999126Peat-free ProductsWhere to buy peat free productsYesUnited KingdomSsOp
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999126Lottery Fund issues draft grant guideYesUnited KingdomGrGGnDlGlOh
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999126Chance to study the sands of timeYesEnglandBuckingham SandpitDoOrLgSw
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999127Ancient monuments to be savedYesWalesPennant MineSbHhGlFpPx
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999127RSNC on the MoveYesUnited KingdomGnDl
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999127Helen shows way to 1999 Rockhound hopefulsYesUnited KingdomGrGOaOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999127Two more counties gain RIGS supportYesEnglandRiver ThamesGlLg
2Earth HeritageJuly 1999128-9Unlocking the coastal archiveNoRod JonesCountryside
Council for Wales
WalesMorfa DinlleNewborough WarrenAberffrawMenai StraitAngleseyOrLgHhPc
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991210Grike-roclimatesNoCynthia BurekChester CollegeColin LeggChester CollegeWalesBurrenY TaranauBryn PydewSfOrLlLg
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991210Free LeafletLimestone pavements - Don't walk awayNoUnited KingdomOp
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991211-13Different thinking - The oldest continentNoBernie JoyceGeological Society of AustraliaAustraliaWillandra Lakes World Heritage SiteBlue MountainsPurnulula National ParkRiversleigh Tertiary fossil siteNaracoorteTwelve ApostlesPort Campbell National ParkGlacier RockCoober PedyLlPyPDoDwGnDp
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991214-15Going Underground - Subterranean conservation: out of sight is not out of mindNoNatalie BennettEnglish Nature United KingdomBanwell Bone CaveLcHhDsDlDoGnPyP
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991214-15Going Underground - Down to the bonesNoNancy ParkinsonEnglish Nature EnglandBanwell Bone CaveLcDsDoSmSfHhOhFcFp
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991216Going Underground - The case for leaving old mines unsealedNoDavid JenkinsAmlwch Industrial Heritage Trust and Parys Underground GroupWalesMynydd ParysLcSmHhPx
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991217Going Underground - High and dryNoTim LawsonUniversity of EdinburghScotlandInchnadamph NNRCreag nan Uamh Bone CavesFuaran AUt nan UarnhLcDnSf
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991218Going Underground - New geological grant schemeNoKate JeffreysEnglish Nature EnglandBanwell Bone CaveLcGrGGohPyGDsFp
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991218-19Exhibitions 1 - Maastrichtian MilestoneNoJohn WM JagtNaturhistorisch Museum MaastrichtAnne S SchulpNaturhistorisch Museum MaastrichtThe NetherlandsNatuurhistorisch MuseumOhSfFc
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991220Exhibitions 2 - Enter the Sea DragonNoColin ReidDudley Museum and Art GalleryEnglandDudley Museum and Art GalleryCharmouthOhSf
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991221Geoparks for the futureNoWolfgang EderUNESCO Division of Earth SciencesGrand CanyonGiant's CausewayMessel Pit fossil siteCaimgormsEast Devon West Dorset CoastDuGnOe
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991222From the Fells to the SeaGeology of the country around LancasterNoAnna TyersEnglish Nature EnglandBowland FellsLancashire PlainMorecambe BayLune EstuaryHeysham HarbourOpLl
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991222Contrasting memoirsGeology of the country around Snowdon & Geology of the West Cumbria districtMF Howells & MC AkhurstNoDave EvansEnglish NatureEnglandWalesPorthmadocConwy ValleyLake DistrictWest CumbriaOpLl
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991222Case histories bring geology to the foreIssues in Environmental Geology: A British PerspectiveMR BennettNoJohn GordonScottish Natural Heritage United KingdomKnockan CragSevern EstuaryOpOrOvDoPcLgOtPlLl
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991223How to make a countryThe making of WalesNoWalesOpLlLgLh
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991223Evocative imageryBetween Sea and Sky - Images of BardseyPeter HopeNoStewart Campbell Countryside
Council for Wales
2Earth HeritageJuly 19991223From local to exoticThe Building Stones of Maidstone - Town Centre Geological WalksNoDave EvansEnglish NatureEnglandOpSbOt
2Information CircularSeptember 1977131-2Conservation of Geological Localities Within the Oslo Region NorwayNoOrnulf LauritzenNorsk PolarinstituttNorwayLlDo
2Information CircularSeptember 1977132-4Recent Pillage of Classic Localities by Foreign CollectorsNoScotlandGermanyLesmahagow and Hagshaw Hills InliersJamoytius SSSIFcFsSfHhGn
2Information CircularSeptember 1977134-6Reflections on the Code for Geological FieldworkNoJE RobinsonGeologists' AssociationEnglandCalton HillParkhouse HillFcFsPyPDsDpDoSfOeOr
2Information CircularSeptember 1977136-8Field Facilities in GeologyNoEnglandSharp's Hill QuarryHampen Railway CuttingFawlerHeadington Corallian stone pitsPortlandBugle PitHartwellForest Marble WitneyHook NortonGrGOeOrFp
2Information CircularSeptember 1977138Revision of Geological SSSI'sNoUnited KingdomScourie SSSILaxford Bridge SSSIDsOr
2Information CircularSeptember 1977138-9Regional Reports on Localities of Geological and Geomorphological ImportanceNoScotlandEnglandLlLgPcDsDoPx
2Information CircularSeptember 1977139-10Public InquiriesNoEnglandLusty Quarry SSSIHinton Charterhouse SSSIBarnhill Quarry SSSIPincent's Kiln SSSIPdPtDsPl
2Information CircularSeptember 19771310-11Co-operation in ConservationNoWalesEnglandChesil BeachGwithianDsPyPGnGlPxOr
2Information CircularSeptember 19771311-16Site NewsNoEnglandWalton-on-the-Naze SSSISouth Elmsall Quarry SSSIEast Thickley Quarry SSSISwanscombe Skull Site NNRWest Runton Cliffs SSSIDuckmanton Railway Cutting SSSIHarefield Chalk Pit SSSIPortland SSSIBraunton Burrows NNRThatcham Reed Beds SSSILongmynd SSSIBuckfastleigh Caves SSSIDsDnLcPcDpPdPlFpSf
2Information CircularSeptember 19771317Geology and Physiography Section Publications Currently AvailableNoEnglandScotlandInverpolly NNRWren's Nest NNRFyfield Down NNRGlen Roy NNRMortimer ForestOpDnOh
2Information CircularMarch 1978141-8Earth Science Conservation in the Outer HebridesNoScotlandPdFpHhGnDsOr
2Information CircularMarch 1978149-10Progress with the National Scheme for Site DocumentationNoUnited KingdomGnDsOeFpOhGl
2Information CircularMarch 19781410-14Britain Before Man - A New Major Exhibit in The Geological Museum LondonNoUnited KingdomOhLg
2Information CircularMarch 19781414-15The Geological Conservation ReviewNoUnited KingdomPyGDs
2Information CircularMarch 19781415-19Field Facilities in the Earth SciencesNoEnglandScotlandWren's Nest NNRGlen Roy NNRForest of DeanDuckmanton Railway Cutting SSSIBurrator Quarry PSSSIAshfield Brick Pit SSSIHarefield Chalk Pit SSSIDnDsOhOpOeFpDp
2Information CircularMarch 19781419-21Regional ReportNoScotlandOpLlLgPxPc
2Information CircularMarch 19781422Public InquiriesNoEnglandBarnhill Quarry SSSISt Erth Sand Pits SSSIDsPlPdSf
2Information CircularMarch 19781422-24Strategic Plans and the Earth SciencesNoEnglandClaxheugh Rock SSSIFord Quarry SSSIWear Riverbank SSSIPcPxPlGlLgSmDs
2Information CircularMarch 19781424-25Co-Operation in ConservationNoEnglandChesil Beach SSSIWurt Pit PSSSIBlakeney "Esker" SSSIDumbleton Dingle SSSIAbbots Moss SSSIOxford - Birmingham New RouteDsPtPxOeOrGl
2Information CircularMarch 19781425-27Site NewsNoUnited KingdomRepublic of IrelandWalton-on-the-Naze SSSIGreenleighton Quarry SSSIPitstone Quarry SSSINeath and Mellte SSSIPortland SSSIFarlington Redoubt SSSIDovey EstuaryEskmealsOxwich NNRCroyde BayThatcham Reed BedsUpper Waterhay MeadowsHartland Moor NNRAqualate MereDibden BayDsPcSfFpPlPxDnLgOh
2Information CircularMarch 19781428Publications of the Geology and Physiography Section Currently AvailableNoEnglandScotlandInverpolly NNRWren's Nest NNRFyfield Down NNRGlen Roy NNRMortimer ForestOpDn