Writing for Earth Heritage

We welcome contributions, but all articles should be agreed beforehand with the appropriate Editor on the Contacts page.

Earth Heritage magazine publishes articles on geological and landscape conservation issues within the UK and from further afield. We also welcome articles on other aspects of geodiversity, including the science of sites or specimens, but would prefer these to at least refer back to conservation issues.

We do not publish unsolicited articles, we do not pay for articles and we prefer articles that have not been published elsewhere, either in printed publications or on the Web.

Earth Heritage magazine is not an academic journal. It has a broad readership, predominantly in the UK but also international. Articles should be written in plain English, avoiding technical jargon wherever possible. We strongly prefer ‘brightly’ written articles with a selection of good illustrations and photographs.

Text – all articles (including tables) should be submitted digitally in Word or .rtf format. Articles are submitted on the understanding that they may be edited to suit magazine style and available space. Please include your name and the name of your organisation.

Photographs and illustrations – these should be submitted as separate .jpg files (not embedded in the article). Image captions and details of who took the photograph or any other copyright details are essential. We expect article authors to have cleared any copyright issues on their images prior to submission. We welcome image captions that are expansive and augment the article text. Photographs should be provided at a 300dpi resolution.

Outcrops – articles for the news section can be a maximum of 300 words, ideally with one photograph or illustration.

Feature articles – these can be 600, 1200 or (rarely) 1800 words with a good selection of photographs and illustrations. Only essential further reading should be included.

References – should follow this format

Surname, Initial. (date). Title. Journal. Volume number (issue number), page start – page end.

If online add: [Online]. Available at insert weblink

Publication reviews or announcements of new publications – reviews should be concise, no more than 250-300 words for a book and 120-150 words for a leaflet. Reviews should include publishing details in the following order: Publication title, Author, Publisher, Year of publication, Price (if free, say so), and ISBN No. (if any). At the end of the review, please include your name and the name of your organisation.